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Welcome to à la perchoine.  I'm Jodie, an islander with a passion for wandering the world. À la perchoine is my little corner of the internet dedicated to sharing my travels, moving abroad and everything in between.  I hope that sharing my stories and real-world advice will inspire you to travel our beautiful world too.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

With me every step of the way is my partner in crime, my best friend and fiance, Shaun (est. 2004).  Watch out for the big day in 2017!

Follow us on our adventures on and off the road.  Stop in for tips and advice on where to travel, what to take and the odd personal musing along the way.

What does à la perchoine mean?

À la perchoine (a la per-shoy-n) is a lovely saying in Guernsey-patois meaning ‘until next time’ or 'until we meet again'. I thought it was an apt name for this blog as we say à la perchoine to every place we visit and everyone we meet.

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Thanks for visiting and à la perchoine.

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