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We have some big and exciting news

20151113_142625 We have some big and exciting news to share with you … we are officially Ozzies! Oi oi oi! Having landed myself such a great job at an IT Consulting company in Perth I was thrilled to be offered the chance of sponsorship.  Essentially, a ticket to stay in Australia. Yes, it wasn’t the plan and yes it was somewhat of a last minute decision but by now I’m sure you know how we role.  We don’t like to make plans.  Sometimes in life you have to take chances and this was definitely an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. The application itself was a little tricky and took a lot of work collating all of the necessary information but fortunately I had a great migration agent on board.  They guided me through the whole process to ensure we had the best possible chance of approval. My application was filed under a 457 sponsorship visa (Temporary Work (skilled) (subclass 457)).  This visa is for people with certain needed ‘skills’ to work in full time employment for up to 4 years sponsored by the employer.  And thankfully, this visa allows family applicants under the same visa so Shaun was able to come under my visa to avoid hassles with separate visas.  I will explain more about the dramas of the application another time.

IMG_4644Is the adventure over?  No way! 

We still have so much of Australia to explore and get that formidable ‘lap’ of the country ticked off the bucket list.  Perth is a great base for us to discover the raw side of Australia with endless 4WD tracks, remote pristine beaches and vast bush land.  Not to mention the close proximity to Asia.  Just last week to set off for a last minute adventure in Indonesia. Another bonus being the chance to save some cash for whatever comes next.  Compared to Guernsey, wages are higher and rent is lower so we really can have the best of both worlds working full time and still travel. 20151113_161018

So what's next?

2016 is already lining up to be an adventurous year for us with some exciting trips already scheduled.  Shaun’s mum and step-dad are coming to Perth on NYE.  We are so excited to see them and show them our new found home.  And we are so unbelievably happy that my best friend, Shaun’s best friend and Shaun’s sister are all getting married (not to each other!).  And across 3 different locations: Sark, Guernsey and Latvia so we will be travelling home a couple of times over the year as well as a cheeky Europe road trip!  Woo!  We are seriously looking forward to see what else 2016 has in store for us. So here’s to the next chapter down under! À la perchoine Jodie and Shaun

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  • Reply Mum 09/12/2015 at 1:38 am

    Hope we are in your plans for the ‘lap’ around the country, so start planning for our next trip in 2017!!!

    Have fun, love you loads xxx

  • Reply Ali Benn 08/12/2015 at 9:33 pm

    Fantastic news for you both! You are living the dream, that’s for sure. There are quite a few Guerns living in Perth and the surrounding area so you will not be short of people to reminisce with. I hope you have a good Christmas and the New Year looks to be fully booked for you – not much time to spare, eh? Love, and take care, Ali xxxxx

    • Reply Jodie @ A la perchoine 09/12/2015 at 8:37 am

      Thanks Ali. We hope you have a great Christmas and new year too. À la perchoine, Jodie x

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