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My top 10 coolest experiences whilst travelling

I am very lucky to have travelled the world and had some really awesome experiences.  Here are my top 10 coolest experiences:

1. Stood at the top of Machu Picchu - Peru

My whole reason for wanting to travel was to stand at the top of Machu Picchu.  When I had made it I cried with overwhelming happiness. Machu Picchu

2. Skydived over Lake Taupo - New Zealand

Skydiving is the best thrill in the world.  I wish I could skydive everywhere I visit.  Not only for the pure exhilaration but also the incredible views and the happiness inside that can't be shifted for days. Skydive Taupo

3. Got close to Marilyn Monroe - LA

This is a personal highlight!  Anybody who knows me personally, knows that I LOVE Marilyn!  Whilst in LA we walked the strip and found Marilyn's hand prints outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  I burst into tears when I reached my hands to match hers.  Lame ... I don't care! Marilyn Monroe

4. Stood on the Equator - Ecuador

We took a tour to the middle of the earth and stood a latitude 0-0-0.  You don't do that everyday.  Nearly all of the equator line is in the ocean so it was pretty cool to stand on the longest geographical line on earth! Equator

5. Had a surprise engagement - Guernsey

After being together for over 10 years, Shaun shocked me and organised an epic proposal at Guernsey airport.  A bunch of our friends and family had gathered to say goodbye as we were leaving home without a return date.  And no, there are no wedding plans yet! Proposal

6. Drove from LA to Vegas - America

There is nothing like the good old American road trip.  My parents came to meet us in Los Angeles, we hired a car (a Jeep Cheroke not a Cadillac unfortunately) and drove to Las Vegas. LA to Vegas

7. Swum with sharks and sea lions - Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are somewhere I think everyone should visit.  To walk in Darwin's shoes was a humbling experience.  I saw more marine life snorkeling here than I did diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  The sea lions were so playful it was an awesome experience. Galapagos White Tip Reef Shark

8. Hiked a glazier - New Zealand

It was a privilege to hike the Franz Joseph glazier.  It won't be around for long so I am glad to have witnessed its majestic beauty. Franz Joseph Glacier

9. Stood on the edge of Iguazu Falls - Argentina

Iguazu Falls are without doubt the largest falls I have ever seen.  The pure volume of water plummeting around you trembles the ground.  Mother Nature is incredible. Iguazu Falls

10. Campervanned around Australia

Hopefully, this will be twice!  In 2011, we bought a Toyota Hiace called Letoya and drove half way around Australia.  And now, we have just bought a Mitsubushi Delica (called Delilah) to drive the other half of Australia.  This really is living the dream!  We love being on the road and having that freedom. Byron Bay I would love to know what your coolest experiences have been.  Leave them in a comment below so I can check them out. A la perchoine, Jodie x Don't forget to subscribe


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