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In-flight pamper kit

In-flight pamper essentials Instead of dreading that 7 hour long haul flight why not turn it into a pamper session to look forward to.  Let’s face it you’ve got some spare time whilst you’re up there so make the most of it.

The air conditioning on planes is enough to upset anyone’s skin so the more you can do to keep the moisture locked in the better. Your skins' mantra: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Here is what is in my flight pamper kit:

Step 1 Clean skin

First things first let's get rid of the days' make up and airport grime and start with a clean, breathable base.  I never use makeup wipes ordinarily but they are a saviour on a plane.  A gentle cleansing wipe will easily remove the grime from the "comfort" of your seat, no water needed.

Step 2 Hydrating spritz

This is a good one for throughout the duration of the flight.  A hydrating spritz over the face is refreshing and will help to retain the moisture.

Step 3 Moisture mask

Now for the star of the show.  Apply an overnight hydrating mask.  I love the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.  Something clear to at least not scare you fellow passengers.

Step 4 Read, relax, rest

Settle in with a good book, blanket, fluffy socks and a neck pillow.  Try to make your space as tranquil and homely as possible.  I’m not talking hanging picture frames of your nearest and dearest but make your surroundings less sterile.

Top tip:  Spray your blanket and pillow with a lavender spray to relax and induce sleep.  And of course make sure all your products in your pamper kit are under 100mls.

These steps should see you through the flight and make you look a million dollars when you touch down on the other side, or at least a little less like a zombie!

What are your essential in flight pamper items?

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