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Highlights of Two Thousand and Fourteen

The year of 2014 was an awesome one for us as we finally set off on our travels.  Here are my best moments of the year... 1. Booking a One Way Ticket We finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel with our savings fund for travelling and decided it's now or never.  We took the epic plunge of booking our one way ticket across the world ... no better feeling!  This trip was slightly different as we closed our eyes and pointed somewhere on the map ... we found Sri Lanka staring at us. Neither of us had ever considered it before or knew anyone that had been and we decided to go for it. It was an exciting whim.
'Here we come New Zealand' teramundi pot
2. The Proposal On 31st August it was time to go.  Emotions were high; both ecstatically excited and sad to say goodbye to our friends and family.  But Shaun took away all that sadness with the most heart stopping moment of my life when he passed those little cards out at the airport and dropped down on one knee. At that moment I was literally the happiest girl in the world. My life couldn't have been better and it felt like everything had fallen into place.  I have never cried so many happy tears all at once and that smile well ... that smile didn't come off my face for weeks!
The epic proposal
3. Being Back on the Road And then we got into the travelling: the beaches, the sunshine, the beers, new friends, new food, fresh tan, salty skin! Yes this is what we have been looking forward to all year and life is always good.  It is so hard to pick a favourite so I will chose that general amazing feeling of being a beach bum!
Extremely hungover on Koh Mudsum
My top destinations of 2014: 1. Koh Lanta, Thailand Literally paradise, there is no other way to describe it. I wish we had stayed longer. Not that there was anything else to do but we were just so relaxed in our little world whipping around on our scooter finding deserted beaches, gangs of monkeys and exquisite food.  And, like any place, the accommodation really sets the scene.  We stayed at Chaw Ka Cher Tropicana and we were the only ones there as it was low season.  Da, the manager, treated us like royalty with a free upgrade to the best room in the resort, surprised us with fresh coconuts everyday and shared their family meals with us.  I would highly recommend going to Koh Lanta and staying here.  And if you do please give Da a big squeeze from me!
Long Beach sunset
2. Chiang Mai, Thailand Well known on the backpackers route for good reason.  We found culture in the night markets, hung out with some BIG tigers, fired some bullets, drift carted and were generally always entertained with endless activities to do.
Tiger Kingdom
3. Sydney, Australia Our home for 4 months. It's been a new experience for us in Sydney living and working abroad for the first time.  Getting to know the ins and outs of sweet little Sydney has been awesome. As a traveller passing through the city it is a little daunting but living here you realise just how small it is.  I love how green the city is and how close the beaches are but best of all I love the restaurants. You could eat out every night and never go back to the same place (if you were loaded that is).  And the great thing about this experience has been the feeling of accomplishment. That feeling once you have up-routed your life to a new country, finding work, finding a home, finding new friends and actually being able to do it is a satisfying one.
Refuge at Sea Boat Party
I could go on forever but that will wrap it up! Here's to more adventures in 2015!  What were your highlights of 2014? A la perchoine Jodie x

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